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Who we are

Ethiopian Interest Free Finance Professionals Association (EIFFPA) is a not-for-profit institution established by well versed professionals in the field under the law of Ethiopia, in the month of February 2021.


To be the leading promotor of Interest Free Finance in Ethiopia.


Contribute to the sustainable social and economic development of the Country through continuous engagement with Stakeholders while upholding the Interest Free Finance Profession.

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Social Responsibility

Main objectives 

    • Contribute to the inclusive economic policy formation capability of policy makers by providing technical assistance in the field of Interest Free Finance for economic advancement of Ethiopia and its citizens.

    • Assist policy makers and other stakeholders at the government by showing effective ways of promoting the Interest- Free Finance Industry so that it can tangibly contribute to the economic growth of the country.

    • Promote, commission and/or sponsor research in Interest Free Finance and assist in the dissemination of the findings of such researches.

    • Publish journals, periodicals and other works in Interest Free Finance.

    • Provide platforms for discussion on Interest Free Finance issues.

    • Organize or assist in organizing national  and international  conferences,  seminars,  symposia and workshops aimed at promoting Interest-Free Finance in Ethiopia,

    • Advance education in Interest Free Finance by promoting the study of Islamic economics and other related fields in the country.

    • Promote training programs for students, teachers, researchers, bankers, insurance professionals, accountants, lawyers and other professionals to enhance the development of Interest Free Finance in the country.

    • Promote programs to increase the level of awareness of the Interest-Free Finance industry, products and services among the general public.

    • Promote the professional interests of Interest-Free Finance Professionals in Ethiopia

    • Facilitate sharing of information and best industry practices among practitioners and financial institutions.

    • Promote professional contacts between Ethiopian Interest-Free professionals and those of other countries.

    • Collaborate with other national, regional and international organizations and agencies in pursuance of its objectives, and

    • Perform such other lawful functions as it may deem necessary for the achievement of its objectives.

Executive Committee

  • Ibrahim

    Ibrahim Dawud Muzyen, President

    BA in Accounting – AA University, Certified Card Bank Manager – Institute of Financial Study - UK, Advanced diploma in Management Accounting – CIMA - UK, Certified Islamic Finance Executive – Ethica Institute – Dubai...Read more

  • Asha

    Asha Mohammed Haji, Treasurer

    MSc. In Development Economics- Adama Sc. and Technology University Adama Ethiopia; BA Degree In Economics - Adama Sc. And Technology University- Adama Ethiopia; Executive Diploma In Islamic Banking... Read more

  • Hanan

    Hanan Desalegn Negash, Member

    BA Degree in Management Information Systems from Unity University College and Diploma in Secretarial Science and Office Management from Addis Ababa College of Commerce... Read more

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