Any interested person can register for the event free of charge by sending his/her name, name of employer, title of his/her position, and mobile number via email to [email protected].




EIFFPA in collaboration with the Ethiopian Muslim Ulema Council is organizing a half day workshop named as ESAAW (Ethiopian Sharia Advisors Annual Workshop) with the theme of ‘Sharia Advisors cooperation to enhance interest free finance!’. The workshop is to be held on February 25, 2023, in the presence of several stakeholders including the Sharia advisors of financial institutions, representatives of the regulatory body, well known scholars in the industry and senior management members of financial institutions. A total of 110 to 120 participants are expected to attend the session.


Sharing ideas and concepts on past experiences and existing practices is an important milestone to determine the future in a better way. Hence, EIFFPA organizes various seminars and workshops in the field of interest free finance with this major premise. We organize sustainable period events whereby expertise in the field can regularly share their experiences and best practices. Besides, we also facilitate events of similar sort that would be delivered by other local and international organs having similar objective.

The outcomes of the events are also populated on our publications and website to reach wide spectrum of stakeholders.

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