Types of Membership

Principal Members - Those who have first degree and have practical experience in working in the area of Interest Free Finance.

Associate Members - A person having a minimum of diploma in any academic fields either from International or national institutions.

Student Members - A person who is studying on any academic fields, at least in diploma level either locally or internationally.

Honorary members - Individuals who can contribute for the execution of the goals of the association or who are known in highly contributing in the area of interest free finance can be accepted as honorary members of the association.

Institutional Members - Any national or international legal organization that believes in the association’s objectives can be accepted as Institutional member.

Membership contributions

Membership Levels

Registration fee

Annual contributions

Principal Member Birr 1000 Birr 600
Associate Members Birr 500 Birr 250
Student Members Birr 200
Institutional Members Birr 1,000 Birr 9,000
Honorary Members - -

Principal members can enjoy a lifetime membership status by paying a registration fee of Birr 1000 and a one-time membership fee of Birr 9000.00.

Membership Benefits

  • Obtaining a chance to contribute towards the development of the interest free finance profession as part of fulfilling one’s social responsibility.
  • Preferential access towards the researches, publications and reports issued by the association.
  • Discounted or free access to the various seminars or workshops or trainings organized by the association

To fill the membership form and send to us, please download it here:

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