The third regular general assembly of EIFFPA members

The Ethiopian Interest Free Finance
Professionals Association (EIFFPA) has
undertaken its third regular general assembly
(GA) of members on August 13, 2023. The
GA has been held in Alnahari hotel (wollo
sefer) for a half day.
The performance of the association and its
financial position for the fiscal year ending
Sene 30 (July 7) 2023 presented by the
President of the association representing the
Executive Committee (EC). Appreciating the
significant performance enhancement
recorded in terms of the number of activities,
revenue and total asset as compared to last
year, the GA approved the financial
statements anonymously.
In addition, the plan and budget for the fiscal
year 2023-24 has been presented by another
EC member Ato Anwar Abdella. Several
valuable ideas have been raised by
participant members to enhance the plan.
Finally, the GA anonymously approved the
budget incorporating the suggestions of
members. The subject of undertaking regular
roundtable discussions periodically on the

various issues that the industry is facing from
time to time has been stressed by several
members. Accordingly, the EC appreciated
the importance of the suggestion and
promised to start facilitating such kind of
discussions during the fiscal year.

Furthermore, the list of newly joining
principal members has been presented and
the GA accepted all without any difference.
Finally, the participants have got a precious
networking opportunity by having their lunch
together after closing the meeting

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